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Four Mistakes to Avoid in a Flat Market

It's quiet...almost too quiet. The market seems calm, but is it? If you're getting the jitters it's almost certain you'll make the wrong call with your investments. Find out 4 moves you definitely shouldn't make in the current flat market.

Election Year Market Insecurity – on Steroids

If the stock market had its way, we'd never elect another president. Markets hate uncertainty; even predictable election years raise investors' heart rates. So can you imagine how panicky Trump-versus-Hillary is making Wall St.?

Sales of Gold Coins Soar on Accelerating Demand, Fear

As central banks continue to "experiment" with monetary policy, markets continue to wobble, and you can't make gains without risking it all in the market, gold and silver coin sales are skyrocketing. Are you being left behind?

Another Billionaire Investor Moves Over to Gold

The stampede of investors thundering towards gold just gained a bull elephant. Legendary contrarian investor and Wall St. scrapper David Einhorn says worldwide central bank incompetence gives us few alternatives to protect wealth—and he's not the only one...

Could There Be Two Nazi Gold Trains – or More?

As World War II drew to a close in a chaos of bloodshed from German and Russian troops, everyone scurried to keep their valuables from being looted. From stolen paintings to Nazi gold, the treasures still waiting today to be discovered boggle the mind.